Monday, June 18, 2012

Consumer Right!?

Just want to find out from the readers… how many of you will get real pissed off when the merchant tell you that, hey we only receive credit card if the payment is above RM40 or RM50? What if at that point in time you only have RM30 or even less than that?? Or, you have the money but the money is meant for other purposes???

Would you spend the money and purchase what you needed or you will just walk away??

I encountered this when over the past weekends, and I was honestly really pissed. This though isn’t my first encounter, however, we have voiced out many times that this should be the merchant to voice out to the bank and not taking us the consumer for the ride. It shouldn’t be charging the consumer. Some merchant will impose a 2.5% if you use the credit card for payment. For example, buying hand phone, TV, camera, etc.

In fact, a few of these merchants could be easily remembered when they tell me such rules…
1. Sakae Sushi in Gurney Plaza;
2. Home’s Harmony in Gurney Plaza;  
3. Xuan Xin Restaurant in Gurney Plaza and many others

I would wish all the consumers out there and stand up and tell these merchants, we do have our own CONSUMER RIGHTS!! AND DO NOT TAKE US FOR  GRANTED!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Xenophobia is something that one may find it seriously percept in one person’s mind. And one institute into his mind and he has the intention to inculcate into others and encourage it, that will create the entire havoc in that community.

A xenophobia if inculcated, that not only created the havoc in the community, is also proliferating others into that as well. How will you eat yours? Newer generation has a different thinking in terms of foreigners living into their country, but one do not have an open heart and mind to accept these immigrants, xenophobia will be propagated.

Having an open heart and mind would definitely reduces the hatred and xenophobia in a person. That’s how we eat ours. Do you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Dream

Lately apart from surfing food, blog hoping, I guess I am into interior deco… what I don’t look forward for things like paying huge installment, or clearing debts. How I wish I could strike a lottery wining a free house of my own.

I know I am too early to dream about it, cuz, it’s only 12noon right now.

Well, let’s put this straight, apart from the kitchen, I wasn’t looking forward for anything… perhaps, kitchen is some where I belong. A place where I could explore how to grill a bird, a fish, or anything… a place where I can experiment in making some desserts, etc.

I love to have an island in my kitchen… probably I’ve seen too much of movies or drama, or even Asian Food Channel from Astro that most of the kitchen will have an island to prepare their food.

Apart from the kitchen, island… cook book is something that I wish to compile right now, where I could build up my little library. Well, say it I got the inspiration from my pal – Little Inbox. When I see her preparing her food and photo her food that honestly inspires me a lot.

Hmmmm… am day dreaming, don’t I?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gee… I have not been writing… don’t I?

The same old excuse is I’ve been busy. Well, part of it. Second reason is because I don’t know what to write, mostly sad news, anger, upset, devastating news… nothing happy. Now that I realize, I am taking this as a dumping ground for me to dump my anger, my frustrations down here.

I’ve not been happy, ya… it’s about work.
And I’ve been facing lots of obstacles in life. Things that I know I have to face eventually and I have t deal with it.

It keeps bugging me that things are not been fair to me… seriously. The work and the responsibilities that am carrying right now, which is not giving the pay back as you wish.

That’s why to certain time, I am telling myself, it’s time to make a move!!

Well, am searching!!! I am searching!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Decision making

Lately I am not as cheerful as before, there are many things in my mind that running real wild.

Now that it’s depending on me how do I look at it, it’s either leave it or take it. And move on with it.

But it’s always easy say than done. It’s all bounce back to me for decision making. Whether it’s on monetary or others. It’s not that just making that decision… in life there are many things for us to judge, to manage and to decide. And this is the moment that I have to really think hard about it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Michael Jackson - RIP

He finally found his rested home. RIP Mic!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I wish to turn back the clock

These days the sky is so gloomy and it rains almost everyday, does it really affects a person’s mood and thoughts?

I believe it does… it’s affecting me badly.

I have liked gloomy weather, raining days all the time, well, not that I am weird or what. It’s because such weather, you don’t have those hot and sweaty and stinky smell on you. And raining days its cooler and it like a free air-cond at home where you could bake your favourite cakes or cookies in the kitchen.

Then why it changed from good to bad? There are many things affecting me, whether at work or on family and personal. It didn’t just come and go, but it’s rather dragging and it’s slowly killing your mind, your strength.

I know if I do not take things lightly and manage it well, I will eventually end up in visiting psychiatrist. The matter of fact, I know I have lots of family issues neither disturbing me which I know I can’t let it out from my chest, nor letting it go.

Cuz, the fact is, I am belonging to this family which I can’t leave.

If I have the choice, I wish I do not born to suffer this pain, I wish I can turn back the clock, I wish I can leave everything behind without worrying.